Article I: Membership

Membership is defined as voting power in the business meeting of the church. After meeting the following qualifications, a person may have voting power.

Section 1. Clear evidence of a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ must be given.

Section 2. A person must be at least thirteen years old.

Section 3. A person must regularly attend church meetings at least six months before requesting membership.

After fulfilling these requirements for membership, a person may request that their name be added to the membership’s voter registration list which is renewed at the beginning of each New Year. Only in the case of church discipline as defined in scripture would anyone’s name be removed from the membership list by a majority vote of the congregation.

Article II: Deacons

Deacons and their wives must meet scriptural qualifications for the office. Their function is to lead, through example, the various ministries of the church, free the Pastoral staff to give themselves to prayer and the administration of the Word, provide accountability and counsel for the Pastoral staff in making decisions concerning the church, and provide leadership in the absence of a pastor. 

Section 1. Candidates will be presented to the congregation by the pastor and/or the deacon committee.

Section 2. Deacons must receive a two-thirds majority vote of the congregation. 

Section 3. Deacons are a part of the active deacon board for a two-year period, after which, their names may be resubmitted to the congregation to continue as an active member of the deacon board.

Section 4. The number of active deacons will be decided by a two-thirds majority vote of the church membership as the needs of the ministry dictate.

Article III: Business Meetings

Business meetings will be announced to the congregation one-week before they are held. They will be held as frequently as needed. At least one business meeting will be held every six months (January/July). Church members may request a call for a business meeting at any service. It must be approved by one half of the voting congregation in order to be set for the next week.

Article IV: Pastor/Pastoral Staff

A pastor may be chosen or voted out of office by a two-thirds majority vote of the congregation. Any vote on a pastor must be announced to the congregation two weeks before the vote is taken. As one who is accountable to God for the spiritual well-being of the church, the decisions of the pastor can only be overturned by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership.

Article V: Changes to the Constitution

The constitution may be changed or added to by a two-thirds majority vote of the congregation. Proposed changes must be presented in writing to the congregation two weeks prior to the vote.

Article VI: Voting

All votes on any issue addressed in the constitution will be by secret ballot. The pastor may take a secret ballot on any major issue being decided.

Section 1. Ballots will be counted by at least three different individuals of the active deacon board. The pastor and/or a member of the pastoral staff may observe the counting of the ballots.

Section 2. Ballots must be counted on at least two different occasions before being announced as official to the congregation.